Floral Care

Take a moment to review these simple tips to keep your flowers fresh as long as possible. 

Arrangement Care
Upon receipt of your arrangement please top up with room temperature water. Please water daily.

Floral Bundle/Hand-Tie Care
Cut each flower and place in a vase with fresh room temperature water. Please ensure no plant debris or leaves are below the water line. Our flowers are pre-treated – no flower food necessary. Trim one inch from the stems every two days and replace into fresh water. If the water becomes cloudy, replace the water and trim each stem.

Floral Bowl Care
Replace the water in your floral bowl every two days. Gently pour the water out of the bowl while holding the blooms in place. Refill your bowl with clean, room temperature water. Many flowers in your bowl will be long-lasting. Remember to remove wilted blooms and greenery and rearrange to enjoy the remaining florals.

Cymbidium Vase
A cymbidium orchid in a vase is long-lasting for approximately 2-4 weeks. Ensure the stem of your orchid is always sitting in water

Once a week, gently remove the cymbidium and trim the bottom of the orchid stem at an angle. Replace the water. Remove the cymbidium stem by pouring water on the inside walls of the vase to allow the cymbidium to slide out without causing damage to the blooms. Wet the entire orchid stem under a stream of water to slide the orchid stem easily back into place without damaging the blooms.

Hydrangea Care
Hydrangeas can require some special care. Use these care tips to extend the life of your hydrangea.

Trim your hydrangea stem at an angle and replace with fresh, warm water daily. The warm water will encourage your flower to drink more.

If your hydrangea begins to look wilted or droopy...simply take the hydrangea out of the arrangement, trim its stem at an angel, and place the trimmed flower into a separate vase of very warm water. The surge of warm water will often revive your hydrangea very quickly—you should see the head of the flower straighten and the petals should re-gain their original shape and structure. If you act as soon as possible, these steps can save your hydrangea, but if your flower becomes limp and weak, it will be too late to revive it.

General Care for all Florals
Remove stems and leaves as they wilt to ensure your fresh cut flowers/arrangement continue to be fresh and long lasting.

Please keep your flowers in a cool spot. Avoid heating and cooling vents, fans, appliances and direct sunlight.

Water your flowers daily with fresh, room temperature water

Avoid pouring water onto the leaves and heads of flowers...this may cause leaves and petals to turn brown/wilt.

Potted Plants

Our showroom occasionally offers potted plants for you to enjoy and give to loved ones. Although some plants have much more specific instructions, these can serve as a good guideline for all potted plants.

Keep your plant in medium light (natural light works best) and out of direct sunlight. Make sure the soil of your plant is moist, neither too wet or too dry, and avoid wetting the plant leaves. Avoid placing your plant in excessively hot or cold locations, avoid placing it under ceiling fans, near windows, on appliances or near heating or cooling vents.